Blasphemy or Divine Inspiration or Maybe Something In-Between?

July 17, 2017 § Leave a comment

Friday night, I was privileged to once again see one of the best songwriters most people have not yet heard of, David Robert King. His songs are from the heart and from the soul and do not easily fit into any preconceived box or category.

Last year, I saw David perform for the first and was also part of a group of people who attended a songwriting workshop he conducted. Since that experience, I feel I’ve written some of the best lyrics of my life.

At Friday’s house concert, David performed a song he also did the first time I saw him, a song which may be my favorite of his songs and one which will be included on his upcoming CD. The song, “Idaho,” ignited the creative gene in me that night (or maybe it was the wine or a combination of the two), leading to this lyrical entry.

My song has nothing to do with Idaho and nothing to do with David, aside from the fact that his inspired songwriting inspired this effort. Thank you, David, and I’m sorry to lay the blame for this at your feet. Unless, of course, you like it. Then I’m not sorry.

Mother Mary

Mother Mary, won’t you watch over me
‘Cause I’m a sinner, and I’m cold as I can be
There’s a shadow cast upon my soul
And I can’t find the light
Heal my heart and make me whole
Help me find my way
I don’t know which way to turn

Mother Mary, I don’t know where I went wrong
My wheels keep spinning; I don’t know where I belong
Can’t seem to tell the truth from a lie
The words all sound so sweet
They make me want to cry
Help me stop the flood
Otherwise, my heart won’t learn

Did Joseph ever feel like he was out of place
A third wheel or a stand-up guy
What could you promise; what would he take
When what you had was just a lie?

Mother Mary, is forgiveness still a choice
If so, perhaps my sins can give me voice
Judgment at the end’s not what I fear
It’s what I tell myself
In the judgment now and here
To get through the night
And the flames that never burn

Mother Mary, won’t you watch over me

© 2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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