Busy With Little To Show?

April 24, 2017 § Leave a comment

It has been a while since my last post on these virtual pages. (Too long or not long enough? You decide.) There are any number of reasons and excuses for that. The first and most general reason is life.

My wife and I have been pretty busy the last few weeks performing around town or preparing to perform. We’ve also done a bit of work on songs for our next CD. A few others things have been going on as well, all of them combining to keep me away from writing at the same pace I normally do.

Since my last post on March 29, I have started lyrics for eleven songs. Sounds prolific enough. Of those eleven, three are completed, one is close to complete, and the remaining seven will likely never be finished.

I suppose that is still pretty prolific, though not my usual writing pace. The writing pace has also slowed, in part, because I also want to be able to chord and arrange at least some of my songs. In the past, I relied on my wife to do that, which meant I wrote lots and lots of lyrics, many of which never became complete songs simply because she was unable to keep up with that pace.

So far, I have managed to chord one song and have started trying to figure out chords for one other song. Even that limited progress, though, has reduced my writing output simply because my creativity is being stretched and divided in multiple directions.

Being an impatient person at times, I first thought I was suffering from some sort of writers block, but I’m not sure now that’s actually the case. I’m hopeful that the slightly reduced writing output will result in even better songs. I guess you’ll be the judge.

Today’s entry is a slightly uptempo blues number. While a great many of my songs get their seed from something I hear or see or experience, this particular song is based on nothing but my imagination. Let me know what you think.

Nothing Left Inside

I saw her standing on the corner
Looking lost as she could be
I walked over to her
And she turned and looked at me

I could see it in her eyes
She was looking for a place to run
But she had nowhere else to run
And she had nothing left inside

I watched her turn to walk away
But then, she stopped right in her tracks
When she looked back at me
I began to see the cracks

She was balanced on the edge
All her tears were long since cried
Everything had been poured out
And she had nothing left inside


She’d been through the wars
And surrendered long ago
Nothing left to feel and nothing left to show
Time had done its worst
Left her with nothing left to give
Said she had no reason left to live

I left her standing on the corner
A far away look in her eyes
Trying hard to keep it all together
But I could see through her disguise

All the times she fooled herself
And all the times she lied
Left her with no one else to trust
And she had nothing left inside

She had no one else to trust
And she had nothing left inside

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All Rights Reserved.


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