Inspiration In The Darkness

January 29, 2017 § 2 Comments

While perusing my Facebook feed, I came a few times across stories shared by friends that included the tragic photo of a young Syrian boy who had drowned and washed up on the Turkish coast.

The photo, which was actually from 2015, was connected to stories dealing with President Trump’s executive order banning Muslims from seven countries, including Syria, from entering or returning (if already here legally) to the United States.

That image simmered in the back of my subconscious, only to resurface as I watched a couple of programs featuring Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn, an artist whose own songs have touched on political, environmental, and spiritual themes (including events and life in Nicaragua and Guatemala).

With Cockburn’s words and music fresh in my mind, commingling with the memory of that image, I was inspired to write the following lines. My memory of the image being imperfect as I wrote these words, the young boy became a young girl. Because these lyrics make no specific references to that tragic death, I chose to leave the central character as a girl.

Desert Sand

Looked to find a new life, looking to the Promised Land
Felt the hope of the lie there in the palm of her father’s hand
Fate born of despair can be so cruel and wreck your plans
Leave you destined to lay your body down in the desert sand

She never really had a chance, born in a time of war
Knew the lie of the hope expressed by those who came before
Despair not of her making, she couldn’t understand
Why she was fated to lay her body down in the desert sand

Never had the chance to wonder why got to spread her wings and fly
Never had the chance to say goodbye
Never could be more than a twinkle in her father’s eye
Her parents couldn’t grieve, in such a hurry to leave
Hoping that their little girl would not have died in vain
But still they wondered why

She never found a new life, she never reached the Promised Land
And the lie stole the hope when her father let go of her hand
No despair and no trembling when the bombs strike her land
Left it behind when she laid her body down in the desert sand

She left it behind when she laid her body down
In the desert sand

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

EDIT 3/6/2017: Changed the first line of the bridge to eliminate repetition.


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