A New Year, A New Song

January 2, 2017 § Leave a comment

Some songwriters write based on their own life experiences. Others write based on their observations of the world around, what they see, what they read, and what they hear. Others still draw on a combination of observation and life experience.

I’d like to think I’m part of that latter group. Some of my songs are completely drawn from my own experiences. At this stage in my life, I should have a least a few such experiences to draw from.

At the same time, some of my songs are inspired by a memory but are then drawn from my imagination. The initial seed for other songs is planted by something I see or hear. A few are attempts to emulate another songwriter’s style (Elvis Costello being someone I’ve tried to write like, with limited success).

This first new lyric of 2017 drew its initial inspiration from a disagreement with my wife, during which she reminded me that I sometimes answer Question A with Answer B. In my subconscious, I have processed my answer as answering the question she’s asked. In her subconscious, my answer processes as not being an answer at all.

The realization that my answers to her questions may be related but may not actually be answers gave me the first two lines to this song. My imagination took over from there, including the realization that usually in any relationship nothing is ever black or white.

Losing Everything

We seem to speak in different tongues
Neither one quite understands
You may have struck the blow
But I’ve got blood upon my hands

I thought I’d walk through fire for you
That I would go to hell and back
Love for us was never easy
No simple choice of white or black

We’re just like sparring partners
Dancing ’round the ring
Saving our pride but losing everything

Sometimes, it’s not the things we do
Or even things we didn’t say
No one knows how the coin will land
Or sees inside the shades of gray

So many things we never see
So much that we may never know
We stay so close to the surface
Never revealing what’s below

You and I, two different voices
Different songs to sing
Finding our voice yet losing everything

We’re just like sparring partners
Dancing ’round the ring
Saving our pride but losing everything

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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