Inspiration From The Road

September 14, 2016 § 1 Comment

Over Labor Day weekend, the family went camping at Castle Rocks State Park, southeast of Twin Falls, Idaho. Along the way, we passed a mileage sign and an exist sign for the town of Bliss, Idaho. That part of Idaho is not exactly what one might term as “blissful” so I was struck by the unintentional irony of a town named Bliss is almost the middle of nowhere.

blissI kept that juxtaposition in mind until we reached the campground, then I whipped out my trusty notebook and got to work. A short time later, I had the first draft of new song lyrics. My wife and arranger, Teresa, quickly put down some chords, and we had ourselves a new song.

Ten Miles From Bliss

Friday afternoon, heading out of town, driving east on 84
Punched the clock and did my time; when the clock hit five, I hit the door
Now I’m traveling east, nothing else to do but reminisce
Then I see the sign that lets me know that I’m ten miles from Bliss

Thinking ’bout the things that I should have done; instead, I’m out here on the road
Traveling light, but deep inside, my heart carries a heavy load
Just east of nowhere trying to forget her goodby kiss
That sign had the nerve to let me know I was ten miles from Bliss

Ten miles from Bliss; closer still to heartache
Feel like I’ve been kicked when I’m down; not sure how much more I can take

I’m thinking to myself, I never signed up for this
So close and yet so far away, to be ten miles from Bliss

Driving down the road, thinking to myself, we could have been so much more
Instead, I had to save my pride; now I’m alone on 84
I could have bent a little, stubborn me, I had to resist
Now I see the sign, it’s mocking me, tells me ten miles from Bliss

I never thought it would look like this to be ten miles from Bliss

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

NOTE: The picture in this post was taken by my wife, Teresa, while I was driving on Interstate 84 at roughly 60 miles an hour.


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