Rainy Days At The Beach

August 13, 2016 § Leave a comment

My niece and her family decided to spend the last few days of their summer break at the beach along the Gulf of Mexico. You know, sunshine, white sand, dark tans. Except, it rained for most of their stay.

She asked if there was a song about rainy days at the beach. My wife and I weren’t aware of any, so I decided to write one. My niece said it needed to mention movies, naps, and balcony views. I think I came close, anyway. So here you go, Eva.

Getting Wet

Sitting in my hotel room
Watching movies and just killing time
It’s raining while I’m here at the beach
That ought to be a crime

Sipping margaritas on my balcony
Isn’t quite the same
As laying in the sand, working on my tan
Guess Mother Nature’s to blame

A week down here at the ocean
Seemed to me to be the perfect plan
I guess my travel agent forgot
To talk to the weatherman

I see the red flags from my hotel room
Nothing else to do
But lay here in bed getting room service fed
And wait for gray skies to turn blue

I’d love to walk on the beach
And dip my toes in the sand
But getting stuck in the mud
Isn’t quite what I planned
So I just sit and wait
For the wind and rain to subside
And wonder just how much longer
I’ll be stuck inside

If I wanted to be out in the rain
I’d have picked someplace else on the map
Instead, I’m left to choose between
Another drink or another nap

Somewhere, I’m sure people are having fun
I’m just getting wet
Once this week without sun is over and done
It’s a trip I’ll try to forget

Sitting here on my balcony
Drinking margaritas like they were free
That’s the only way I’m getting wet
Drinking to forget

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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