Collaboration, Family, and All-Round Busyness

August 3, 2016 § Leave a comment

I have for the last few days realized that it has been some time since my last entry. My apologies. July was a very busy month for a number of good reasons.

Among other things, July included a camping trip, three paid gigs (yay!), and a week-long trip to visit with family and make new friends.

The trip itself ended up being more than I could have hoped for. As a family, we got to explore a few things in Portland and try out some new places to eat. From a writing standpoint, I was able to do something I had never really done before – co-write a song.

During our visit, we were able to perform with Jerry J. Thomas, a country singer-songwriter from Tennessee. In the process, he also shared the start of a song he was working on and gave it to us to run with.

I took the verse and melody Jerry shared and let it marinate for a couple of days after our return home. Then the Muse came and gave me some additional verses to round out the song, which I then sent back to Jerry for his thoughts. We’ll see where it goes from here, but the process was definitely fun and one I’d try again if given the chance.

Because the song is not mine alone, I don’t feel I can share it here. Instead, I’ll share a song born of a different sort of collaboration.

Recently, I watched a documentary/performance film about Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. During the film, I listened to the way he sang, the way he phrased, and the way he structured his lyrics. Afterwards, he “gave” me the idea for a song.

One of the things I like about this song it that it can be read and sung as if it is about the end of a love affair, a marriage, or even a friendship. The person I thought about while writing it was my father, who left home when I was five, never to return.

I’m not sure if this song has a genre. It is almost war chant-like in its melody and structure, which makes it a little like an earlier song, “State Of Mind.” The difference is that this one is intended to have a bit more instrumentation, though not much more.

One Day

One day here – the next day gone
I didn’t know that you were moving on
Was it just a change of heart
That in the end drew us apart?

One day you just disappeared
Never something that I feared
It wasn’t till you were gone
I learned that sometimes people just move on

I can sit and wonder why
But I’m not even gonna try
I know I’ll never understand
Why one day life just changed the plan

One day I was left alone
It weighed me down just like a stone
Wonder what I might have done
But something died, and you held the gun

You changed direction, and I didn’t see
That now your journey would continue without me
Now there’s a space I cannot fill
Since you’re not coming back, I doubt I ever will

One day here – the next day gone
I didn’t know that you were moving on
Was it just a change of heart
That in the end drew us apart?

One day I turned and you’d moved along

© 2017 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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