Now For Something Completely Different

April 6, 2016 § Leave a comment

When I write my songs, I don’t actually write music. The whole process is somewhat organic; I come up with the first line, then I get a sense of the melody, and the rest proceeds from there.

Tonight, I was listening to my wife practice her guitar. While she played, the following line sprang forth from within. Unlike most of my songs, I have no melody already in mind for this effort, so I don’t know whether these are lyrics to a song or lines from a poem. I suspect they work either way.

Cruel Mistress

I hear the guitar playing
To a crowd no one can see
But it doesn’t really matter
Because tonight, you’re feeling free
Escaping in the music
Riding high on every note
Lost within the melody
Like some forgotten quote

The music comes to life
With the band inside your head
Your fingers feel alive
Keep your heart from feeling dead

The strings bend to your will
Sounding off at your command
No tolerance for a stray note
If you’d keep the upper hand
You lose yourself in playing
To a room with no one there
The sound of melancholy
Echoing in the air

The music is your life
A cruel mistress just the same
Demanding everything
And yet, denies your claim

You play until your fingers ache
Because you have a need
And it’s in the strings
That a part of you is freed
The song torments and comforts you
While begging for release
Though each mistake is agony
The playing brings you peace

The sounds you play are symbols
Of the dreams you never share
Taunting and reminding you
If only you had dared

© 2016 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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