Uplifting Exchange

March 7, 2016 § 2 Comments

A friend of my recently began what I might call an exercise in civility and in raising people spirits. The exercise consists of sending an e-mail to 20 people via blind copy (BCC).

The e-mail I received contained two e-mail addresses, the first, that of a Facebook friend, and the second, hers. The e-mail itself asked that each of the 20 blind copy recipients send a verse/poem/meditation that has helped the sender through difficult times. Then, we were each asked to send the same message via blind copy to 20 additional people, moving her email address to the top spot and putting our email address second.

For me, the most difficult thing was coming up with 20 people to send it to. The verse/poem/meditation part would also have been hard had I not altered the parameters a bit.

I don’t know that I have a specific verse or poem or meditation that I have drawn upon to help me through hard times. What I have always had and relied upon is music, both the music I listen to and the songs I write.

Music has been at various times therapy, meditation, poetry, release, healing, relaxing. In good times and bad I have called upon music to give voice to what I am thinking or feeling. So I decided that my verse/poem/meditation would be about music itself, a choice made easier by the fact that the recipient of my little ditty is herself a composer.


Kindred spirits
Though never met
Music the common theme
Seek change through song
Not forced but ever flowing
Each note a ripple
The staff the never-ending stream

© 2016 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.



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