Change Of Pace

January 19, 2016 § Leave a comment

Normally on this blog I post song lyrics I’ve written. And I will continue to do so, but today I want to post something a little different.

The lines below (I hesitate to actually call them a poem) came to me whilst sitting at the local Meineke Car Care center waiting for an oil change that turned into something more (and more expensive). First, it was the brake fluid that needed replacing. Then, it was an axle seal that was seeping. Several hundred dollars later, I had our Jeep back. And the following:

It Started With An Oil Change

Just a routine visit
Something that needed to be done
Put off long enough; shouldn’t take long
Keys handed over, nothing to do but wait
Sitting, listening to the endless chatter
From the TV high up on the wall
Not meant for comfortable viewing,
Meant simply to what, annoy, distract, sedate
From the business at hand?

But wait.
It seems there’s something more
A little seepage; nothing too serious
But best to fix it now
Make myself comfortable in the lounge
Waiting, reading, drinking coffee
Trying not to, and yet
Anticipating the next find
As they dig deeper, look further

Meanwhile, the chatter continues
Recipe this, movie review that
Analyzing, dishing the dirt,
Some other story of disinterest
Invading thoughts, disrupting silence
Competing with the man watching
Videos on his phone
Then, mercifully, “We’re finished”
Followed by the sticker shock

I thought it would be less
But never really sure
Confused by the onslaught
Of numbers on the computer screen
Bill paid, plastic, still scarred and warm,
I leave
Thankful I can drive away.

© 2016 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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