The Season Of Dreams

December 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Christmas time is when young people dream of seeing special gifts under the tree. Perhaps it’s also a time when those of us a bit older dream of Christmases past or of the coming year ahead.

Dreaming often has a negative connotation, accompanied by such phrases as “he always has his head up in the clouds” or “she’s a dreamer” as opposed to those who are “level-headed” or are “well-grounded.”

Personally, I think dreaming is a positive trait. Without it, we probably would never have had automobiles, computers, or music. I also firmly believe that the day a person stops dreaming is the day that person starts to die.

Lately, I’ve been working on a set of lyrics to that effect. This one is meant to be very up tempo with perhaps a bit of boogie-woogie feel to it.

I’ll Keep On Dreaming

Now that I am older
Maybe I should settle down
But I’m not one for standing still
And time is gaining ground
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Each and every single day –
Long as there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell
Nothing’s getting in my way –

Some say I should grow up
But you know that’s not my style
Wasn’t born to punch a clock
I was meant for running wild
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Keep on reaching for the sky –
Won’t let no one get in my way
Or try to tell me I can’t fly –

I’ve got the will; I’ve got the nerve
To chase the dream that I deserve –
I don’t even think ’bout giving up
Don’t know what purpose that would serve


Some may say I’m crazy
Because I don’t act my age
I don’t care what they may think
I’m not ready to turn the page
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
And that’s never gonna stop –
Even though I may not get there
I’ll keep reaching for the top –

So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Won’t let no one stop me now –
And I’ll fight to make my dreams come true
Until I take that final bow

© 2016 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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