The Season Of Dreams

December 24, 2015 § Leave a comment

Christmas time is when young people dream of seeing special gifts under the tree. Perhaps it’s also a time when those of us a bit older dream of Christmases past or of the coming year ahead.

Dreaming often has a negative connotation, accompanied by such phrases as “he always has his head up in the clouds” or “she’s a dreamer” as opposed to those who are “level-headed” or are “well-grounded.”

Personally, I think dreaming is a positive trait. Without it, we probably would never have had automobiles, computers, or music. I also firmly believe that the day a person stops dreaming is the day that person starts to die.

Lately, I’ve been working on a set of lyrics to that effect. This one is meant to be very up tempo with perhaps a bit of boogie-woogie feel to it.

I’ll Keep On Dreaming

Now that I am older
Maybe I should settle down
But I’m not one for standing still
And time is gaining ground
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Each and every single day –
Long as there’s a snowball’s chance in Hell
Nothing’s getting in my way –

Some say I should grow up
But you know that’s not my style
Wasn’t born to punch a clock
I was meant for running wild
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Keep on reaching for the sky –
Won’t let no one get in my way
Or try to tell me I can’t fly –

I’ve got the will; I’ve got the nerve
To chase the dream that I deserve –
I don’t even think ’bout giving up
Don’t know what purpose that would serve


Some may say I’m crazy
Because I don’t act my age
I don’t care what they may think
I’m not ready to turn the page
So I’ll keep on dreaming –
And that’s never gonna stop –
Even though I may not get there
I’ll keep reaching for the top –

So I’ll keep on dreaming –
Won’t let no one stop me now –
And I’ll fight to make my dreams come true
Until I take that final bow

© 2016 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


The Obligatory Christmas Song

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Yes, it’s the time of year when each of us is bombarded with “great” gift ideas in time for the holidays. It’s enough to make you want to leave your television on the curb and hope someone walks off with it.

But for that “love-struck Romeo” (to borrow a phrase from Dire Straits), the last thing he needs is stuff. What he needs is his lover, his baby, his significant other back.

Christmas has often been a mixed bag for me (not sure why). So when I try to write a Christmas song as I’ve done now for several years, I tend to make them a bit melancholy. This one sort of channels Elvis Presley singing “Blue Christmas.” It isn’t likely to reach the same classic status, but a songwriter can dream.

Come Back Home For Christmas

(a cappella) The tree is lit up and the hills are decked in white
But I’m missing you tonight —

Please, baby, please, won’t you come back home for Christmas
It’s not the same without you here
Without you home, it’s hard being alone
Especially this time of year

I’m down on my knees begging please come home for Christmas
Don’t need nothin’ else under the tree
Santa won’t know just where to go
If he can’t find you here with me

I’ve hung mistletoe and asked for lots of snow
It’s a beautiful holiday sight
But Christmas ain’t Christmas without you here with me
So won’t you please come back home tonight

Please, baby, please, won’t you come back home for Christmas
You’re all I asked Santa to bring
If I could see you underneath the tree
Wouldn’t need nothing else ‘cuz I’d already have everything

My heart would soar, wouldn’t need anything more
If you’d please come home for Christmas —
Please come home for Christmas —
Won’t you please come home for Christmas —
Home to me

Please come back home for Christmas — home to me

© 2015 Walt Huntsman (BMI). All rights reserved.

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