In a Melancholy Mood

November 18, 2015 § Leave a comment

All of the reports coming out of France and Kenya and Nigeria and Lebanon and some of the responses I’ve seen to those reports have gotten me feeling a little down when it comes to humanity and human decency. A part of me just wants to curl up in a ball and wait for it all to go away.

Instead, I deal with such feelings the way I’ve always dealt with what I feel. I write about them. Hot off the presses (sorry for the long title):

Home Is Not The Place It Used To Be

When I go home, I am surprised to see
It’s not the place that I recall
I look around for common ground
Then realize I don’t fit in at all

I sit and smile exchanging pleasantries
Simply can’t risk going too deep
I search my mind hoping to find
Safe memories they and I can keep

I watch and listen, then it occurs to me
Home is not the place it used to be

When I go home, I always feel kind of strange
It’s as if I do not belong
I start to feel like a third wheel
Asking myself where I went wrong

I don’t know if it’s them or if it’s me
Perhaps a little bit of each
Though my childhood memories still remain
They somehow seem just out of reach

I wish I knew how I could turn back time
Home seemed much simpler way back then
Though time may heal, the change is real
And we can never go back there again

I look around with sadness and I see
Home is not the place it used to be

Home is not the place it used to be

© 2015 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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