Blast From The Past

November 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

My wife and I recently made the decision to swap offices. Of course, that meant packing up papers and notebooks and knick-knacks and yada, yada, yada.

Among the things I moved into my new office (which used to be my old office, but that’s another story) were several notebooks of lyrics I’ve written over the years. All of these “songs” had a melody at the time I wrote them, but nearly all of these melodies have been crowded over time into an unused corner of my mind and eventually forgotten all together.

Occasionally, there are exceptions. Although I do not write music per se, I have from time to time attempted to score a few of the songs I’ve written. While moving my lyrics notebooks, I came across one such song, written in July of 1985. Although most of the stuff I wrote back then was garbage, I didn’t think this one was too bad. See if you agree.

Homeward Bound

Where were you when I was younger
Girl, you turn my head around
You’ve got me thinking of you
Always listening for your sound
And when the music’s over
As the night is winding down
Wish I could be with you
But I’m homeward bound

And now that I am older
Remembering lessons never learned
Lost in imaginary second chances
Time which won’t return
When it’s time to judge the fools
I guess I’ll wear the crown
Older but no wiser
Only homeward bound

I know I’m getting deeper
Something I can’t control
And it’s threatening to swallow up my soul
I know I could go with you
But it’s best I go alone
I know if I let you, you could make me whole

Someday you will forget me
That’s the chance I had to take
I know our roads go separate ways
You’ve got a life to make
And as we both grow older
If my life should run aground
I know you won’t be there
You’ll be homeward bound

© 2015 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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