Time and Experience – An Initial Draft

June 14, 2015 § Leave a comment

Usually, I like to present what I write in its finished form. And this may yet prove to be the finished form for my latest composition, although I suspect there may be a tweak or two.

Recently, a friend of mine and a former colleague from my previous life in television news, Anita Sugimura Holsapple, finished work on a documentary film titled “Battlefield: Home” detailing the challenges those who serve, as well as those who love them, face when they return home from active duty. I was lucky enough to work with Anita years ago at a television station in Lafayette, Louisiana and luckier still to reconnect with her a few years ago on Facebook.

Her work helped provide the inspiration for this latest song, titled Up Around the Bend

Up Around the Bend

It seems we’ve come a long, long way
From where we thought that we would ever be
We’ve done some things and had some words
And saw some things we never thought we’d see

With so many miles behind us
Some might think we’re just coasting to the end
But it feels as if this is just the start
With so much to see still up around the bend

It feels like it was yesterday
We were 18 with our whole lives ahead
Years later, we still chase our dreams
Because we know we are a long time dead

With all the things we’ve seen and done
There might be things that we’d wish to amend
But instead, we’re still looking forward
With so much to see still up around the bend

Perhaps we haven’t always made the best decision
But we have never stopped to second guess
We know that hindsight possesses perfect vision
Looking back, we did our best – more or less

And if we had another chance
We’d probably make the same mistakes
With not a care for what others thought
We went in knowing the stakes

With a chance to go back in time
Even if somehow we could transcend
Not sure we’d change much knowing what we know
With so much to see still up around the bend

© 2015 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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