Sometimes the Darndest Things

October 27, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sometimes it’s amazing where inspiration comes from, what will trigger a writing outburst. The other day at breakfast my wife mentioned some saying she remembered from the tag on a teabag. I don’t remember what in the preceding conversation led her to mention the teabag, but I do know what came of that seed. Here it is.

Somewhere in Her Head

She found her wisdom from a tea bag
Got her fashion from the clearance rack
Down at the local second-hand thrift store

Had a small one-room apartment
With a hide-a-bed, a single chair
And a Virgin Mary statue on the floor

Late at night, she’d lay in bed
And dream of far-off lands
Each day, she would talk of things
No one could understand
Though they questioned everything she said
It all made perfect sense
Somewhere in her head

She had a job down at the mission
Serving hot meals to the down and outers
And druggies living on the street

Though she often wished that she
Were somewhere else, she always had
A kind word for the downcast souls that she would meet

Late at night, she’d dream of life
On some exotic beach
Of finding love that always seemed
Somewhere beyond her reach
Put herself in every book she read
Living out a hundred livesSomewhere in her head

They say imagination is a powerful thing
Can make the spirit soar or cause the heart to sing
But fantasy can lock you up inside
Cause the heart to hide
Until your dream have died
Kept from happening

She always read the fortune from
The cookie that she got with Chinese take-out
Each and every Friday without fail

She always sent back all the contest entries
Stating she may have already won
The only things in each day’s mail

Late at night, she’d lose herself
In films from long ago
And she would picture herself
As Dietrich or Monroe}
Being waited on, breakfast in bedShe had the perfect life
Somewhere in her head

© 2014 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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