Diving Into “The Block”

August 8, 2014 § Leave a comment

Creative thoughts and words have been a bit harder to come by of late. I’ve dashed a few lines here, scribbled a few words there, but nothing I’ve started has seemed to go anywhere. A catchy line or nice turn of phrase may be enough at a cocktail party, but it does not tend to lend itself to a completed lyric or poem.

So I decided to dive into “the Block” and try to use it as my inspiration. Here is the result.

Writer’s Block

Parched, the paper waits
For life-affirming nourishment.
Seeking a word, a line –
Even one dashed in anger,
Struck off as mistaken,
Or erased, as if unwritten
Leaving only a faint shadow to prove
Its one-time existence and demise.

Silence – the paper openly mocks me
Taunting, daring me.
Jot down anything –
Gibberish, a foreign language,
Doodles, or hieroglyphs
To show that someone was here
And tried to write
To fill the empty void.

The building blocks are blank.
No letters issue forth
No word flows freely
No phrase bubbles to mental surface.
Creative thought suffocated
Beneath the dry wellspring
Of this infertile imagination.
Perhaps tomorrow the seed will sprout.

© 2014 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.



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