Linking Past and Present

July 21, 2014 § Leave a comment

I recently saw a post by a Facebook friend sharing details of what struck me as an impromptu 40-year high school class reunion. (Yes, I am that old.) If such a thing can ever really be impromptu, then I guess less than a month’s notice might qualify.

Despite the fact that a part of me would really like to attend, I got to thinking about my high school days and the fact that I really didn’t fit in that well. I wasn’t what you would call “popular,” and I didn’t belong to any of the well-established cliques.

I got to thinking about those days 40 years ago, juxtaposing them against the current day, and wondering what those same people talk about 40-years on. What I came up with was this:

Too Long (Just Hanging On)

Though it’s been a long, long time
It’s funny how some things don’t ever really change –
I see the same old faces
In the same old circles, really not that strange –

We’re older but no wiser
And it seems that we still make the same mistakes –
Falling down and getting back up
Telling ourselves those are just the breaks –

I see the old gang gets together
Like they always did each Friday night –
Talking ‘bout the good old days
Sharing inside jokes and getting tight –

They tell the same old stories
That they must have told a thousand times before –
I know them word for word
So I don’t really need to hear them anymore –

Like an old calendar page
We seem stuck in our own past
Maybe it’s time to change direction
Live in the present day at last
We’ve spent too long just hanging on
To our faded memories
Missing so much because we couldn’t
See the forest for the trees


I think it’s time I said goodbye
And made my way someplace where I belong –
You may find a way
To balance past and present, but I’m not that strong –

Time for me to just let go
Of memories I’ve held on for too long –

© 2014 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

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