In a Blue(s) Kind of Mood

June 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Lately, I’ve been doing more lyric writing, much of it in a blues theme. Here’s a couple of samples:

Put Her in Her Place

Got me a woman –
Who’s mean and cruel –
She always treats me –
Like I’m a fool

She spends my money –
Like it’s not mine –
Trying to age –
Like some fine wine

But I know she’s not doing
This maintenance for me
She is running ‘round and playing ‘round
Like somebody breaking free
And I can tell from the look upon her face
I’m gonna have to put her in her place

The time has come
Gonna have to draw the line
Got to protect
What little is left of mine
She thinks the grass is greener
One day she’ll have to learn
You got to be careful
Which bridges you choose to burn

Got me a feeling –
One day real soon –
That she’ll be singing –
A different tune

She’ll run back crying –
Back home tom me –
But I’m not blind –
This fool can see

That she only wants to get
Her hooks back into me
But she made the break, her big mistake
Was in setting this boy free
Then I will see from the look upon her face
Somebody finally put her in her place

Slow It Down

Baby, what’s your hurry?
Girl, you’re moving much too fast
Baby, what’s your hurry?
Let’s take our time and make it last
Just slow down, enjoy the journey
‘Cause it’s too late once it’s past

Baby, take your time now
It will run out soon enough
Baby, take your time now
Don’t waste it on the little stuff
Girl, I’m walking right beside you
Hold on to me when things get rough

I’ll be there every morning –
I’ll be there every night –
And when things turn against you –
I’ll be there to make them right –
You know I will –

Baby, take it easy
There’s no need for all this speed
Baby, take it easy
Just sit back, I’ll take the lead
Let’s take it nice and slow
I’ve got everything you need

Let’s just slow it down now baby
Love is everything we need

© 2014 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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