In a Lyrical Mood

June 4, 2014 § Leave a comment

In part to get in the habit of writing on a consistent basis, and in part to share some of the lyrics I’ve written recently, here is another set of lyrics written last month. Please do let me know what you think.

The Road

They told him he was crazy
When he told them what he planned
Following his heart was something
They could not understand
But the city life held no appeal
So he packed up everything
To hit the road
Where his heart could finally sing

They asked him about money
And how he would make his way
He said he wasn’t worried
He’d just take it day by day
Tired of living for the weekend
Working 9 to 5
Out on the road
He could finally feel alive

He found a van for sale
He knew had seen much better days
Though the engine smoked
He saw a new dream through the haze
To live a life without regret
His new philosophy
No things to tie him down
On his journey to break free

The van broke down in Memphis
On his way to NYC
He hitched a ride to Charlotte
And soaked up some history
Ended in the north of Maine
Middle of nowhere
And from the road
He could smell the ocean air

Stopped just south of Presque Isle
Outside a run-down farm
Called out from the road
So as not to cause alarm
He saw a young girl playing
She cried, “Mommy, see the man!”
“Why not see if he can stay
And lend a helping hand”

Several years have come and gone
That farm is still his home
Found what he was looking for
And lost the urge to roam
The girl soon had a brother
The man soon had a bride
Now off the road
He was finally free inside

© 2014 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


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