A Lyrical Sample

June 2, 2014 § Leave a comment

My creativity seems to come is spurts. I have gone months without writing anything and then could write every day for weeks. As I mentioned in my initial post, lyric writing seems to fits my attention-divided mind. During lulls at work and quiet times at home, I find myself thinking of song lyrics. Sometimes it might be something someone says; other times, I might be inspired by something that has happened. Occasionally, the idea will come out of the blue. Such is the case with the lyrical sample below

Just One of Those Things

I see the crystal vision
Of places we once went
I know my indecision
Caused us to lose the scent

Of what we had
I know I should be sad
But I’m not even mad
It was just one of those things

I hear the distant echoes
Of songs we used to share
They seem to end in mid-note
Left hanging in the air

Reminders of
This thing we once called love
Not quite like hand in glove
It was just one of those things

We thought we knew where we were going
We hadn’t a clue
Each day, the doubt kept growing
Inside both me and you

Around me, imitations
Of things we used to do
Are there reminding me of
The life I had with you

So long ago
Where did that feeling go?
I don’t really know
It was just one of those things

We finally reached the point
We couldn’t take any more
One of us had to leave
So we both walked out the door

I know someday the memories
Will simply fade away
Well meaning friends no longer
Asking if I’m okay

Like something’s wrong
We just did not belong
And when one day you were gone
It was just one of those things

No need for sad goodbyes
It was just one of those things

One day, we’ll look back on this
As just one of those things

(c) 2014, Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

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