Now, Back To The Show

August 11, 2020 § Leave a comment

It’s been eight days since my last entry, a lifetime in the blogosphere. Apologies for the gap, but the wife and I were taking some much needed time away from the city.

Usually, when we go out of town, the lyrics flow fast and furious. Not on this occasion, however. In five days, I wrote a total of four lines.

Today’s entry does not include those four lines. However, I do think it is one of my better efforts. (Modest, I know.)

These lyrics incorporate more metaphorical language than I usually employ, but I think the words work well and do not obscure any inherent meaning in the lyrics. Most of the words in today’s entry came together in about 15-minutes, though I kind of had an idea in my head of how the structure would go together.

As always, thoughts and comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Rough Edges

We circle one another
Just like boxers in a ring
Throwing angry words like punches
We say they don’t mean a thing

But deep down, we know different
Some scars you just can’t see —
Standing in our separate corners
With no way to break free

We’re just fine when it’s smooth sailing
But the detours get us lost
I’ve lost count of just how many
Burning bridges we have crossed
Is our loving cup half empty
Or could it be half full —
Those rough edges will always trip you up
And the fall will take its toll

We dance around our problems
Just like Rogers and Astaire
Think if we ignore them
They’ll just vanish into air

We know love’s not that easy
Never knew it’d be this tough —
Which of us is throwing in the towel
Saying we have had enough




Those rough edges will always trip you up
And the fall will take its toll

© 2020 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

A Cautionary Tale?

August 3, 2020 § Leave a comment

From time to time, random lines come into my head. I usually write them down because you never know what might come of them.

Often, these lines sound really good to me, something with potential. Generally, though, nothing comes of them because they don’t give me a direction to go or that direction is unclear.

As a result, I have pages upon pages of unfinished lyrics. Some consist of a line or two while others may have half of a song lyric or more where the finish continues to elude me.

I thought today’s entry might turn out to be another unfinished lyric. Thankfully (I think), that was not the case.

Once I’d stopped writing, I ran into a different problem. I had what I thought was a finished lyric, but when I tried to chord it, I found myself drawn to a note pattern that did not work with the lyric structure as I initially had it.

Because most of the lyrics seemed to fit this note pattern, I ended up removing the last line of my first three verses. Then, I came up with chords that fit the note pattern I had in my head, which seemed to speed up the song (versus playing the note pattern underneath the verse). That led to adding a final verse.

I’m relatively happy with the end result aside from the fact that the lyrics do not seem to easily lend themselves to a song title. The first title I came up with, “Like A Highway,” fits, but seems a bit more positive than the actual lyrics. Let me know what you think about the title I’ve decided on for the moment, and let me know if you have other suggestions.

I’m not quite sure how to describe today’s entry except to say it is about living the high life and getting in too deep. For those of a certain age, you can think of the Charlie Sheen character from the 1987 film Wall Street. Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

Just Another Stiff

You party with the blow
Like you’re dancing in the snow
Say it’s no big deal
You’re just goin’ with the flow

You’re feeling mighty fine
So you do another line
Writing a blank check
Can you pay when it comes time

Life is like a highway we all travel
Your road’s almost headed off a cliff
You can’t see the potholes for the bright lights
Destined to be just another stiff

Burn the candle at both ends
With those you think are your friends
When you hit the skids
Will they still pay dividends

Long legs, bright lights
Mesmerized by all the sights
You don’t know you’re in over your head
Think you’re flying
But slowly, you are dying
Did you really think you’d made your bed

You’re riding mighty fast
Do you think it’s gonna last
All too soon, you’ll see
That your future is the past


© 2020 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

A Little Metaphysical or Philosophical

July 30, 2020 § Leave a comment

Today’s entry is one that might seem a little irreverent, but I think I’m trying to ask some serious questions about God, about faith, and about human nature. The lyrics posted here were inspired by current events and by the reactions some people have had to what has been going on around us.

I struggled a bit to come up with a title for the song in today’s entry. At first, I simply called it “God” before settling on something a little less in your face.

I envision this song as a moderate to slightly uptempo folk or country-folk song. As always, thoughts and comments are welcome and appreciated. Enjoy!


Some say what we’re going through’s a wake-up call from God
I don’t know, I guess that could be true
Maybe God is leaving us to find our own way out
Instead of asking Him what we should do

I don’t believe that God spends every moment
Wond’ring just what test He should apply
And if it’s pre-ordained, if our lives are daisy-chained
Then what use is it to even try

I know that there are some who say we’re being punished
Because we won’t repent our sinful ways
But maybe God loves us enough to turn the other cheek
Recognizing there are shades of gray

It seems to me that God is much too busy
To intervene each time we disagree
Turning a blind eye to give us the chance to try
Or what’s the use of our will being free

Maybe we’re just talking ’round in circles
Maybe we won’t find a compromise
Do you want to be the one who’s passing judgment
What will those accused see in your eyes?


I’m wondering if God is really out there
What would He think of what we’ve done
It seems to me His plan was to love our fellow man
But it seems we haven’t yet begun

Too many angry voices to be one

© 2020 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.