Love Is A Battlefield

January 21, 2021 § Leave a comment

Those of a certain age as well as those who are lovers of classic rock no doubt recognize that today’s blog title is taken from Pat Benatar’s 1983 hit of the same name. It seemed somewhat fitting for today’s entry given that the lyrics below also deal with love as something of a battle.

When I write, the words tend to come quickly, and I seldom have to come back to a lyric in order to complete a draft. Today’s entry did not come quite so easily.

The first verse and refrain came together in fairly quick order. I then wrote a second verse that I did not feel so good about, and I let the unfinished song sit, though I kept coming back to it in my mind even as I began writing other lyrics.

My original second verse did not capture the same spirit as the first verse. So I tried again, and I came up with a new second verse, using a few bits of the original second verse and using what remained in the bridge.

In my head, this is a fairly uptempo tune. So I also felt the need to write a third verse. As always, let me know what you think.

Seeking Forgiveness

You’re an itch I have to scratch just like a dog scratches a flea
The bite don’t leave a mark, yet somehow, you still get to me
There’s no lotion I can use, there’s no potion I can try
Got me looking at myself like a man about to die

Seeking forgiveness for sins I can’t recall
Hoping to find bliss before I take the fall
I am reminded of my own vanity
Feels like I’m in prison
Though the truth should set me free

You’re a bridge I have to burn just like a candle burns a flame
You say you’re only playing, but to me love’s not a game
There’s no spell I can invoke, there’s no well can quench my thirst
I am like a common criminal who’s waiting for the worst


You’re a cross that I must bear, you’re a debt I can’t repay
You always have the last word leaving me nothing to say
Seems to me there is no magic that can free me from this mess
I am stranded on love’s waters sending out an S.O.S.

You’re a flower I have to pick just like a guitar picks a tune
Got me talking to myself, got me howling at the moon
I am wrapped around your finger, I am trapped beneath your gaze
Now I’m serving out my sentence, love’s the only crime that pays


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Mixing Love And Drink

January 19, 2021 § Leave a comment

After taking a few days off in order to do some winter camping, I’m back with a new entry.

Today’s entry mixes a couple of my favorite topics: alcohol and broken love. I’m not sure why a number of my lyrics seem to focus on failed relationships since I’ve been happily married for some time.

I suppose part of that fascination with failed relationships could have to do with my earlier love life or lack thereof. It could also be the influence of what I saw around me growing up; I’ll leave that to others to debate.

Today’s lyric deals with a relationship that is failing, yet one in which neither could quite throw in the towel. Enjoy!

Happy Once

She was drinking gin, he was drinking rye
Neither had the courage to get up, say goodbye
Going through the motions like they had for 20 years
Told themselves they’d had some good times
Between all the tears

Lying to each other, lying to themselves
All the time wishing that they were somewhere else
Looking to the future, looking in their glass
Wondering when will they be happy
How much time must pass

Going ’round in circles like the hands of a clock
Find themselves in the crosshairs
Now they’re forced to take stock
Moments ticking past them, they won’t come back again
Could have sworn they were happy once
Just can’t remember when

Drank her gin with tonic, he drank his rye neat
Both were in the fighting, couldn’t quite admit defeat
Both were trying so hard to hold on to what they had
Told themselves they’d had some good times
Mixed in with all the bad

Lying to themselves, lying to each other
Both of them afraid of what they might discover
Looking in the mirror, looking to the past
Wondering were they ever happy
Asking why it didn’t last


Could have sworn they were happy once
Just can’t remember when

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Inspiration From Another Voice

January 15, 2021 § Leave a comment

When I write, I draw inspiration from a variety of sources: nature, emotions, events, something said by another person. Lately, much of my inspiration has come from events long buried in my past.

Today’s entry, however, is inspired by another artist of whom I’ve long been a fan, the incomparable Lulu. For Christmas, I received a copy of Lulu’s 2015 album, “Making Life Rhyme.”

Listening to the song “Poison Kiss,” one of nine songs on the album that she co-wrote, I started to have a phrase reverberate in my head: What do you want? That phrase became the title for today’s lyrical entry.

The song starts with what is essentially the chorus, sung a capella, before the music kicks in. In the first half of the bridge, there is something of a call and response type motif as the lead singer sings a line, then the background vocals responds.

Do let me know what you think. Enjoy!

What Do You Want (From Me)

REFRAIN (1st time a capella)
What do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want from me?
Tell me, what do you want?
What do you want?
What do you want from me?


You circle ’round my heart
Like a shark circles its prey
You’ve cut me oh, so deep
And my wounds are on display

I’ve tried to give you everything
And you still wanted more
It’s as if you think our love
Is now your private war


You’re always keeping watch
Looking for weakness all around
Am I to be the next
Victim that you bring to ground

All my senses are on high alert
(Just hope I’m ready)
Try to keep myself from getting hurt
(I’m holding steady)
Nights can be so cold and lonely
You promise the fire
Can I trust that you won’t drop me
After you take me higher



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