Something He Said

March 11, 2018 § 2 Comments

The other night, my wife and I decided to check out one of the local open mics, have a beer, and listen to a little live music.

As we were leaving, we happen to come upon a couple of guys in the parking lot who were also, presumably, leaving. One of them raved to us about the hamburger he had eaten inside, patting his stomach, then saying “add it to my gluttony.”

I don’t know why he chose to share that with us, but I’m glad he did. The line stuck in my head, and as soon as I got home, I wrote it down.

At first, I wasn’t sure how I would use that line in a song. I knew I wanted to use it, but I also knew I did not want to write a song about food and overeating.

After giving it a little thought, I came up with a way to use that phrase, and the song took shape from there. The first two verses and refrain sections came together pretty seamlessly. The third verse took a little more work, and I’m not sure if I’m happy yet with it.

Please let me know what you think.

Live And Learn

I took all you gave and wanted more
Until there was no more left to give
Insecure or incomplete, it doesn’t matter now
Too many sins that you could not forgive

Add it to my gluttony
All I took with nothing in return
You live and learn

I could never give you what you need
Until what you needed was to go
Love or something else, what difference does it make
Would it help to say that I don’t know

Chalk it up, one more mistake
Another choice from which there’s no return
You live and learn

Live in search of answers
Learn no absolutes
Live to find a heart to share
Learn fear’s at the root
Of choices made

I don’t think I’m what you’re looking for
Feels as if you’ve known it all along
Nothing we could put our fingers on
From the start, it seemed it went all wrong

Close the books, the story told
Now there are no pages left to turn
You live and learn
You live and learn

© 2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


Overhearing Inspiration

March 9, 2018 § 2 Comments

I’ve written on a number of occasions that I find inspiration for my lyrics all around me – in the things I see, in the things I’ve done and do, and especially in the things I hear.

Today’s entry falls into that latter category. The lyrics presented below were inspired by a snippet of a conversation I happened to overhear while walking in a public place.

I don’t know the story behind what little I happened to hear, so I decided to make up my own. The first two lines are based directly on what I overheard. I then let my imagination take over from there.

Please let me know what you think.

Secrets In The Shadows

Heard her say she needed help
With the private investigator
I didn’t learn the whole story
Until much, much later
She was running from a man
Who couldn’t seem to understand
Love is not something shown
With the back of a hand

Secrets in the shadows
Another sleepless night
Hoping for some answers
When the truth finally comes to light

Her bags were always ready
Never too long in one place
Prepared to leave in an instant
She hoped without a trace
She was running for her life
She was running for her heart
She was running from her past
To find a brand new start

So afraid he’d find her and remind her
Of the spark created by his touch
Knew a spark could lead to fire
She knew that fire could burn
In the end, the heat became too much

Caught up to her near Mesa
In the Arizona hills
He thought it would be easy
He though she missed the thrills
Went to grab her by the hand
Instead, she chose to make a stand
One more secret buried
Somewhere in No Man’s Land

Secrets in the shadows
No more sleepless nights
No more need for answers
The truth will never see the light

© 2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

Aiming For The Blues

March 3, 2018 § Leave a comment

Although the argument can certainly be made that most of my songs are of a particular style, I try not to limit myself – with a few exceptions. I have no interest in trying to write an opera or write rap or hip-hop, and I generally (though not always) stay away from country.

One style of music I enjoy listening to is blues, and I will occasionally try to challenge myself to write a blues song. Although on the surface, many blues songs seem simple, both in structure and in lyrical content, I would argue that it is deceptively hard to write a good blues tune.

I don’t know whether I’ve yet written a good blues tune, though I have written a few I like, and I keep trying. Today’s entry is yet another attempt. This song probably marries a couple of styles. I think of it as blues with a little bit of swing to it. I recognize that the last line could be a bit difficult to sing smoothly, but I think the intended rhythm allows it to come out fine. I hope you like it.

Just A Memory

Well, I’m sitting here, nursing my drink
Got time on my hand, so I started to think
About you and everything you did to me
We haven’t got a future
And what we had’s just a memory

When you walked out the door, left me alone
I wondered if I could make it on my own
Without you and everything you meant to me
It seemed like we had it all
Now those days are just a memory

The sky was the limit
We were flying so high
There were days I felt
As if I could touch the sky
But the higher you go
The further there is to fall
I fell as far as I could
When you said goodbye

Well, I guess it’s time I found someone new
It’s not that easy getting over you
Moving on doesn’t come naturally to me
I thought we had forever
But all that’s left’s just a memory

© 2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.

This post puts this blog three away from 200 posts. Be looking for that post as I have an announcement that is big (at least to me) that I hope will keep people interested for some time to come.


Song For A Rainy Day

March 1, 2018 § Leave a comment

Today is a bit on the wet side. So far, it has been a light off and on drizzle, but with the temperature currently around 40, that could change.

I wrote today’s lyrical offering a few months back in anticipation of an upcoming birthday. As is often the case when I write on or around my birthday, the concept of time makes an appearance. There are also some, for me at least, fairly quick-fire lyrical passages. This song is perhaps as close to wordplay as I get.

Some of the lyrical imagery is not as strong as in some of my other offerings, but I do especially like the bridge. Please let me know what you think.

Melting In The Rain

I listen to the second-hand
As it goes ’round the clock again
Another minute passed
But it still feels just like the last
You said you had to go and said
You’d call, but when, you didn’t know
I sit here and I wait
An act of love, a quirk of fate

Though the sun will still rise in the east
That doesn’t matter right now in the least
‘Cause while you’re off on some new personal campaign
My love for you is left melting in the rain

I’m here in the dark just thinking
While my spirit just keeps sinking
Quicksand ’round my heart
Can’t fight, I don’t know where to start
You never told me where you went
You took our love, the passion spent
I sit, a monument
To sins I never can repent

As the sun is setting in the west
I’ll wear your scars upon me like a crest
Remembering the pleasure brings with it the pain
While my love for you is melting in the rain

I carried water for you
I shouldered all your blame
I held you in the corner
Swallowed all your shame
I bit the bullet for you
Then got rid of the gun
I took the fall when you said
I was not the one

It seems as if the torch has passed
The role I played had been miscast
I must have missed my mark
And found myself left in the dark
Time, like water, dripped away
And ran off with another day
The future’s sleight of hand
Misled me from the promised land

Though the sun will rise and set each day
Its light is dimmed now that you’ve gone away
Leaving me left its mark, I’ll bear the stain
Of love left behind and melting in the rain

©2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


Preparing For Goodbye

February 28, 2018 § Leave a comment

One of the members of our family is Oliver, our 13-year-old beagle. The average lifespan of a beagle is between 12 and 14 years. Of course, we believe our beagle is above average. Still, the odds are that the end may not be too far away.

Recently, our beagle seemed to lose interest in eating (for the most part, though he would eat snacks from my hand). He still would follow me from to room to room, and he still had interest in drinking and going out and howling at the neighbor’s dog.

Though we were hopeful Oliver was simply not feeling well, we also began preparing for the possibility that his time was nearing its end. Thankfully, after a few days, he was back to eating and even playing. False alarm.

Still, the whole episode had me thinking about preparing to say goodbye and how to do so. I’ve seen some people talk about the Rainbow Bridge, a place where pets go when they die to wait for their owners to one day rejoin them. What I came up with hints at the idea of Rainbow Bridge and also at the separation that occurs in the meantime. Hope you like it.

One Last Hill

You and me, we’ve had some times together
Seen some wondrous things along the way
Now you’re going home, one last trip you’ll make alone
Before you go, I’ve one more thing to say

Goodbye, my old friend, I’m gonna miss you
I’ll keep the memories you leave behind
One more bridge to cross, one more mile to go
Before you rest, one last hill to climb

Summer days beneath that old oak tree
Winter nights relaxing by the fire
Time was not our friend, we knew it had to end
The strongest of us one day soon will tire

It’s hard to see the world without you
A daily constant in my life for so long
So hard to let go; it’s best that way, I know
I want to hold on, but I know it’s wrong

Goodbye, my old friend, I’m gonna miss you
I’ll keep the memories you leave behind
One more bridge to cross, one more mile to go
Before you rest, one last hill to climb

One more bridge to cross, one more mile to go
Before you rest, one last hill to climb

©2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


Hopefully, Not a Throwaway Song

February 24, 2018 § Leave a comment

I find myself these days writing in more of what I would call a folk vein, although I guess Americana also applies. Part of that could be due to getting older. Part of it could be due to the normal instrumentation we have when my wife and I perform.

We normally have her acoustic guitar and my voice. Occasionally, we will add a little hand percussion (shaker or wood block). On very rare occasions, we are able to enlist the help of another musician.

Because of that, my songs tend to fit most comfortably in the folk/folk-pop/Americana vein. Today’s entry is no exception.

I’m not sure what exactly inspired this song. I think I had been recently listening to John Gorka, and I had been thinking and writing about past relationships. I suppose that combination led to today’s song. I hope you like it.

Throwaway Love

Sometimes, I see you look at me
Like you would a stranger in the street
Some part of you that I could never touch
Your feelings held in check, so discrete

Like a bird that I could never hold
You were always in pre-flight
Knew I was losing you
That’s what woke me in the middle of the night

Did I never mean that much to you?
Was I someone you thought yourself above?
Did we ever have a future, or was I
Nothing more than a throwaway love

There are times I wonder why I tried
To be the kind of man to win your heart
‘Cause your walls were strong, and they were built up high
Couldn’t break through, didn’t know where to start

Did I never mean that much to you?
Was I someone you thought yourself above?
Did we ever have a future, or was I
Nothing more than a throwaway love

Was I nothing more than a throwaway love

©2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.


A Song For Leon

February 20, 2018 § Leave a comment

Elton John once referred to Leon Russell as a mentor and an inspiration. John was such a fan that he teamed with Russell on a great album called “The Union” in 2010 and almost single-handed resurrected Russell’s career.

The other day, my wife was strumming the chords to Leon Russell’s classic “A Song For You.” Hearing those chords started me on today’s lyrical journey, hence the title of this post. Today’s entry is no Leon Russell, but I hope you enjoy it.

The Day The Angels Cried

Stereo in the other room
Playing “A Song For You”
Leon Russell’s voice
Singing sweet and true
So many places
In this life I planned to go
Postcards, cheap souvenirs
All I have to show

The truth revealed itself
Now there’s nowhere left to hide
Simply mark the date
The day the angels cried

Don’t know what I did to lose you
You were a friend of mine
Where did I cross over?
Didn’t see you draw the line
Something I should not have said
Can’t cap a bottle spilled
The truth is always messy
Especially when served chilled

I could have tried harder
I should have done more
But I didn’t see the danger
Till you were walking out the door

I see you running
‘Cross the pages of my mind
A chapter in my life
I can’t put behind
I think of all the faces
Never knew which one you’d show
Didn’t think I’d ever see
The one that said you had to go

The truth revealed itself
Now there’s nowhere left to hide
Simply mark the date
The day the angels cried

Simply mark the date
The day the angels cried

© 2018 Walt Huntsman. All rights reserved.